Talk comments

Very nice and quick overview of what is Hack. I won’t be using it tomorrow, but it sure beats reading the whole documentation

As much as I love to hate Wordpress, this talk was very helpful on understanding why things are the way they are.

Very useful talk. I believe every developer should try to build his own little framework, only to fail and realize when they need a real framework.

Awesome keynote, very entertaining, and a very broad overview of the state of all things.

Very useful talk, we ended replacing Percona 5.6 with MySQL 5.7

Finally, someone else that understands that "MVC" doesn't exist on the web! :-) Great talk. I've noticed a similar pattern in my own work of late, and in Symfony in general, so getting a good terminology around it to help separate from pseudo-MVC is a good thing. Perhaps shorten the lead in a bit at the beginning; we came to hear about ADR, not random software development books.

Good info on the Magento history with lots of the historic milestones of the development, and Magento 2 and where it "came from". Although I think you skipped X Commerce split, this would have made a nice addition there.

The info on magento 2 was great. It was good to see a simple module in play and the new directory structure for extensions. Not having a framework that it falls back on is a bit of a shock, but it could be that this is actually a good thing, as frameworks add bulk.

I only caught the QA and went back over the slides. Epic scope for a 3 hour talk. Good discussion at the end of the presentation.