Introducing a brand new conference from the team at php[architect]. This conference, php[world], is designed to bring together all of the various PHP communities into one place to share ideas together.


Developing on WordPress
Talk by Zane Matthew, Inc.
Modernize Your Drupal Development
Workshop by Chris Tankersley
Basic WordPress plugin development tutorial
Workshop by Bart McLeod
Beyond PHP & MySQL: What to learn next
Workshop by Jason Lotito
A Successful Magento Project From Design to Deployment
Workshop by Joshua Warren
Testing as Regression Prevention
Workshop by Eric Mann
The OOP in PHP
Workshop by Matthew Turland
Getting Started with Varnish
Workshop by Samantha Quiñones
Managing Dependencies with Composer
Workshop by Beau Simensen
21 ways to make WordPress Fast
Talk by Jason McCreary
Laravel Forge: Hello World to Hello Production
Talk by Joe Ferguson
Best practices in Symfony 2
Talk by Andreas Hucks
Single Page JS Apps in Drupal
Talk by Chris Tankersley
From zero to Silex
Talk by Larry Garfield
WordPress Security Basics
Talk by Steve Grunwell
It Was Like That When I Got Here: Steps Toward Modernizing a Legacy Codebase
Talk by Paul M. Jones
Making Magento go fast
Talk by Thijs Feryn
A Tale of Two Test Suites - WordPress, API Mocking, and Integrations
Talk by Eric Mann
Namespaces and Autoloading
Talk by Beau Simensen
Writing code that lasts
Talk by Rafael Dohms
Testing Spaghetti
Talk by Gemma Anible
Drupal 8: A Story of Growing Up and Getting Off the Island
Keynote by Angela Byron
(Re)discovering the SPL
Talk by Joshua Thijssen
Keeping WordPress Under [Version] Control with Git
Talk by Steve Grunwell
Drupal 8 Routing
Talk by William Hurley, Kalpana Goel
Magento, Client, Budget, TDD - What You Can, Can’t And Must Test
Talk by Joshua Warren
90K reasons why security is a must
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam
From CakePHP to Laravel
Talk by Jason McCreary
A Decoupled Drupal with Silex
Talk by Larry Garfield
Building a typical dev environment for WordPress using Git, Vagrant & Ansible
Talk by Bart McLeod
Composer: like it should be done
Talk by Rafael Dohms
Intermediate OOP in PHP
Talk by David Stockton
Action-Domain-Responder: A Web-Specific Refinement of MVC
Talk by Paul M. Jones
Rock-solid Magento Development
Talk by Fabrizio Branca
Agency Devs: Unsung Heroes with Unreasonable Deadlines
Talk by Terry Matula
The Care and Feeding of Magento Developers
Talk by Joshua Warren
PHP Performance 101: So you need to use a database
Talk by Leon Fayer
Stupid PHP Tricks
Talk by John Bafford
PHP Anti-Patterns
Talk by Josh Butts
High Performance Magento in the Cloud
Talk by Fabrizio Branca