Talk comments

Wow, I'm taken aback by all the amazing feedback! Thanks everyone!

Thanks for all the great feedback guys. I'll see if I can work in some A-Z type discussion if I give this again in the future. Oh, and I agree that the timing was perhaps a bit off in the schedule. But that was out of my control obviously :)

This was a very nice session and one I can relate to, since in a modified version of it Lorna and Skoop inspired me to create my "Walking down the PHPath" session which goes much along these lines.

The message in this session is very important to anyone looking to growing and establishing themselves in the community and marketplace. Even though it goes through the ranks of relaying Lorna's career it goes well past the point of seeming like a ego-talk, bringing completely relevant information and using her career as proof and reinforcement for the lessons learnt.

Way to go Lorna.

Sorry if the abstract wasn't clear enough. I've always felt that the majority of our hurdles have been the non-development part, so that is where I focused. I'll definitely re-work it to make it more balanced. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I got a beer! Thanks to NeoReader on the iPhone.

Really good talk (even before drinking the beer). Great overview of general design patterns and where they can and should fit into our design decisions.

Was hoping more for individual and team productivity tips and less on hiring practices. Had to leave the session halfway through, so I may have missed it.

Loved the talk. Once again, I found Joël to be a very knowledgeable speaker, and Nate was a good match.

Coming from CakePHP, I'm especially excited about Li3. It seems to solve several design issues with CakePHP as well as leveraging all that PHP 5.3 has to offer. Very excited to start working with it and find out how it sucks.

I for one appreciated the delivery style and didn't find it to get in the way of the presentation.

Great work. Looking forward to more of hearing more from both Joël and Nate in the future.

Decent overview of what was new and shiny, but didn't really provide much information that was new or insightful. Agree with the earlier commenter who mentioned it was a bit meh for a keynote.