Talk comments

Anonymous at 12:52 on 16 Dec 2011

Great article but it didn't have everything-I didn't find the ktcihen sink!

Anonymous at 02:39 on 16 Dec 2011

Play ifnmoratvie for me, Mr. internet writer.

Great Talk, access the the slides would be awesome.

Great Introduction to jQuery mobile.

Gave great insight into our options. And we have started using them right away. Perfect timing.

Great Talk. I wished you had gone ahead and got into Bi-Temporal patterns that you had mentioned.

Is there somewhere we can get the slides?

I would have liked the talk to have started at slide 15, and then had more on the server side at the end. A great deal of time was wasted describing for us what websockets are good for. But after we got into the meat, the talk was great. Thanks.

Tuff conditions: first time you speak at a conference, not a native speaker and the biggest room of all. I'd see you did pretty well.

There's no doubt that you know a lot about the material, but you need some more experience speaking. Although it was clear that you were seriously nervous, you did a much better job than last time when you practiced it at our user group meeting.

I'm forced to give it a 3-star rating, part of it is the fault of the organisation, who should have put you in one of the smaller rooms. I'm sure you'll be a successful speaker in the future, but you need more speaking opportunities and a bit more practice in terms of delivery.

But despite the nerves, you did a pretty good job. A lot of people with limited speaking experience wouldn't be able to cope.

Despite the tech issues, I'm still a fan of this talk. I think I've seen it twice already, so I knew what to expect.

My advice: invest a bit less time in mentioning why other major companies use it and use the time to give more basic information about installation, configuration and features. I'd appreciate a "slower" start that allows me to get up to speed.

Conclusion: less why, more how.