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real great talk and thanks again for the blog posts which helped me understand the transition in the first place^^

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Anonymous at 18:04 on 3 Nov 2013

What a great read. Thank you very much for a clear, well structured and informative slides.

it's possible have the slide of the talk ?
Thank You

> Will the slides be posted for this talk? I wanted to go over the instructions once again by myself.

The slides for this session are now posted here on For those who attended the morning session and requested a copy of the slides, I'll be sending them out via e-mail later this week, but I cannot post them publicly.

Will the slides be posted for this talk? I wanted to go over the instructions once again by myself.

Excellent talk... I attended three of Derick's, and all were great!

Yeah great talk informing about the features of MariaDB and how it compares to MySQL.

Like the previous comment; you are a super intelligent person with good command of the English language.

If this helps try recording yourself with a mic and playing it back until you find a speed and level of speech that is still fast but not too fast to easily understand.

Thank you for providing so much good information in such a short time.

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Anonymous at 19:47 on 14 Oct 2013

They definitely kept my interest. They have some great background info on PHPUnit but I would have like to see more (or possibly slightly more advanced/complex) problem->solution type of code presented. Overall: comical guys with good content. I wish I had some specific questions in mind to bring up while these two were in the same room.

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Anonymous at 19:41 on 14 Oct 2013

This was a great tutorial. I don't think they could have put any more content into this thing (borderline exhausting). What really made this great was that they had so much example content. The examples were small and manageable. It was helpful to be able to go back to the examples afterwards and give them a try since it was just so much material.