Talk comments

Excellent talk. Very good contents delivered by in of the most attention grabbing presentation styles I've ever seen.

This talk was informative and gave me a few things to think about when dealing with database changes. Overall it was very well researched, although I was thinking throughout that this problem has already been largely sorted in Drupal but which was missing from this talk. Perhaps Harrie didn't have time to go through every solution, but it was perhaps worth a mention.

The jokes either told by Rowan or hidden in the content of the slides made this talk stand out from the rest. It was an interesting and highly technical talk that made quite a few things in the ACL worlds clear for me. He made me feel better about my own frustrations by saying that ACL was complicated, which I had only hitherto suspected ;)

Unit testing everything in a Zend Framework application can be a bit daunting, but Michelangelo's relaxed style and extensive knowledge made this complex subject seem nice and easy.
When all of the tests passed he would use the expression "lots of green, warm fuzzy feeling inside", which I might use when reporting unit tests to my own managers!

I have to admit that I was a little bit lost by the end of it, but it was still an interesting crash course in the dispatch cycle, autoloaders, action helpers, plugins, models and forms in Zend Framework. I also now understand form decorators!

I was expecting a detailed and technical talk from seeing Derick's talks in previous years and he didn't disappoint. Every new slide was either a working map example or the code needed to get that example working. His talk had the most working examples that I have ever seen in a conference talk, which was quite an achievement. Overall this was a brilliant talk.

Interesting and engaging talk with lots of neat ideas from how to keep up to date with technologies to how to undertake training with minimal cost. I will be trying a few of them out myself :)

Great presentation by one of the most inspirational new figures in the PHP community (IMO). Great to draw upon his experience with the Zend Framework and learn where to focus attention to make optimisation gains. His advice can be applied to other frameworks too.

This talk was one of the main reasons I stayed on for Sunday as I missed it at DPC. It was excellent and very professionally put together and so good to hear about a broader topic that complements the more 'purely development' type of talks. I will certainly watch out for future talks.

Excellent, clear and enjoyable. ZF2 looks very exciting - only downside is that it will clearly be quite a while before it is ready.