It’s that time of the year again!


Knowing your state machines
Workshop by Tobias Nyholm
Command and event patterns
Workshop by Miro Svrtan
Algorithms in Context
Talk by Margaret Staples
Taming your Data with Elasticsearch
Talk by Derek Binkley
Webpack Encore – Asset Management for the rest of us
Talk by Stefan Adolf
[UNCON] An Agile Transition at Adsdaq
Talk by Gerbrand Colombier
Object Relational What? Design Patterns in Doctrine
Talk by Denis Brumann
Encrypting your database!
Talk by Scott Dutton
Queues, busses and the messenger component
Talk by Tobias Nyholm
Defensive PHP programming
Talk by Ike Devolder
Microservices gone wrong
Talk by Anthony Ferrara
Don’t Wait; Generate!
Talk by Ian Littman
What raising 3 kids taught me about working with users
Talk by Derek Binkley
PSR-18: Abstracting HTTP clients in PHP
Talk by David Buchmann
A practical introduction to event sourcing
Talk by Frank de Jonge
Jenkins Automation
Talk by Toni Van de Voorde
Brutal refactoring, lying code, the Churn, and other emotional stories from Legacy Land
Talk by Matthias Noback
Keeping it Real(time)
Talk by Mike Lehan
Aspects of Love
Talk by Mark Baker
[UNCON] Towards better Standards
Talk by Scott Dutton
Dependency Injection for Mere Humans
Talk by Ian Littman
Consuming APIs: reporting from the trenches
Talk by Jachim Coudenys
Performance optimisation: how do I go about it?
Talk by Kat Zien
Software Management Lessons from the 1960s
Talk by Larry Garfield
Designing Test Architecture That Does Not Suck
Talk by Michael Bodnarchuk