Talk comments

Anonymous at 00:28 on 7 Dec 2012

Hey, I recently started using Behat und symfony2 and I love it thus far.

I would really love to see a video of the talk you gave on BDD and Behat. Has this talk been recorded and if so could someone please give me the link?

Thanks in advance!

Sebastian is passionate, knowledgeable and funny - that's a great combination. Really enjoyed this talk, thanks.

Thanks Mike, you're one of the most polite speakers I've ever had the pleasure of listening to, even with the occasional swearing ;o)

The AdminBundle is a very complex topic as the bundle provides a lot of features. And Lineke's talk was a very nice introduction on the subject.

Good coverage, but target audience should have been declared bit more clearly - IMO these interesting topics were covered only on the surface. Also the pace was bit too slow. Sensio Labs policy not to release course material sucks big time - specially when the days last topics always have less time and concentration is not the best anymore. In general this course is worthy for anyone starting with Symfony2 - no need to have massive experience.

Enjoyed the talk, even though it was a more informative keynote, I generally prefer the inspiring side of things.

Great talk from these two, who made a good double act. It was a bit erratic at times, but they handled it really well and the talk gave the tools the credit they deserve.

Would be interesting to see this talk the second or third time, I imagine everything would be smoother, but that may take away some of the character!

Looking forward to seeing phpspec2 get a point release :)

A nice introduction, but didn't really leave me excited or that impressed by the bundle. I'm sure it does so more magical things that if included, might have left me more intrigued.

Nice to be walked through some of the things I've been doing without really knowing what I was doing!

Really nice introduction, I've used Solr before and have ElasticSearch pencilled in as a to do for my current project, this talk inspired me to bump it up the list a little.