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Friday 11th November 2016

18:00 Workshop - UI Components
Workshop by Vitaliy Korotun (2 hour)

Workshop - UI Components

Saturday 12th November 2016

Guest Host
Event Related by Ben Marks (30 minutes)

Guest Host

09:50 Stories From the Other Side
Talk by Vinai Kopp (30 minutes)

This talk is about exploring the boundaries between OOP and functional programming. OOP is based on the idea of encapsulating object state and behavior. Functional programming is based on the idea of referential transparency and no (or carefully controlled) side effects. Can we use lessons from functional programming to do better OOP in PHP? Besides showing us ways to write code that is safer to maintain, easier to test and looks funky, studying functional programming activates new pathways in the brain making us allover smarter. (Oh, and the talk will also un-cover buzzwords like “referential transparency”, so no fear!) YouTube Link -

10:50 Porting A Complex Extension To Magento 2
Talk by Fabian Schmengler (30 minutes)

This talk is going to walk step by step through the process of a structured rewrite of a complex extension for Magento 2. The key is to decouple all business logic from Magento, with a well-defined interface between the framework agnostic library and Magento. You will learn some useful patterns for framework agnostic code, and for refactoring existing complex modules in particular. YouTube Link -

11:10 An Optimisation Story
Talk by Tony Brown (30 minutes)

“Can you make it faster?”, it’s a question we’ve probably all heard at some point or other. But where to focus your attention on such a task can be challenging, usually we only have limited time in which to improve the performance of a site, so quickly identifying the highest impacting bottlenecks is key. I will discuss the importance of monitoring and the role it can play in identifying performance issues. With a real world example, I’ll discuss a common mistake I’ve come across related to the Full Page Cache efficiency. I’ll also highlight some key aspects that should be considered when implementing features alongside a Full Page Cache. YouTube Link -

11:40 Present & Future of Front-End Development in Magento 2
Talk by Max Bucknell (30 minutes)

jQuery, LESS, Sass, Compass, Grunt, Gulp, Angular: Just a small selection of tools that have entered our lives as developers. Some of them stuck around, and some of them disappeared, almost as quickly as they arrived. Magento 2 beckons a new era of development, perhaps more so on the front end than on the back end. But what technologies does it bring with it, and how much freedom do we have to disagree? Over half an hour, we will look at what new technologies are going to play a part in our professional lives over the next few years, whether you’re slinging CSS, or serving up JSON. Alongside looking at what’s new, we’ll take a look at how we can leverage these things to make our sites both faster to build, as well as faster and safer once they’re online. YouTube Link -

12:10 Object(ivly) Thinking
Talk by James Cowie (30 minutes)

Testing, Testing and more testing. We know we should be testing our code but what are the benefits of testing? Assurances that we can rapidly make changes to the code and ensure functionality is still kept intact. Well, what if there was more than just code security that practising testing could give us. I believe that by thinking about Objects and going back to the fundamentals of OOP ( Object Orientated Programming ) and thinking about how objects can communicate with each other we can design better applications adhering to SRP ( Single responsibility Principle ), SOLID and DRY and still retain a well tested and more verbosely documented system. By exploring concepts from OOP, DDD, BDD and TDD I will show that we can extract business domain code and encapsulate this into meaningful objects that are more testable, maintainable and showcase best OOP practices. YouTube Link -

13:40 Building complex forms with Magento 2 UI Components
Talk by Vitaliy Korotun (30 minutes)

YouTube Link -

14:10 Redundancy Rocks. Redundancy Rocks.
Talk by Fabrizio Branca (30 minutes)

In this presentation I’ll show you how to run Magento in the cloud so that you’ll never have to get up at 3am to fix things. At the same time we want Magento to run fast and the infrastructure to adapt to your current traffic patterns. We’ll talk about cloud infrastructure patterns, scaling, elasticity, reliability, caching and how to get your code up there in a clean way. Join me if you want to hear about AWS, infrastructure (as code), immutable deployments, triple redundancy and a little bit of CI/CD. YouTube Link -

14:40 Secure Input and Output Handling
Talk by Anna Völkl (30 minutes)

How not to suck at data validation and output: Security is an important aspect of web application development. In this talk we’ll have a look at the most common data input and output mistakes and what you as a developer can do to prevent them. We’ll have a look at methods and ways Magento 1 and 2 provide to increase security. YouTube Link -

15:30 Ups and Downs of Real Projects Based on Magento 2
Talk by Max Pronko (15 minutes)

How not to suck at data validation and output: Security is an important aspect of web application development. In this talk we’ll have a look at the most common data input and output mistakes and what you as a developer can do to prevent them. We’ll have a look at methods and ways Magento 1 and 2 provide to increase security. YouTube Link -

15:45 Migrating Data from Magento 1 to Magento 2
Talk by Tadhg Bowe (15 minutes)

So! how can we migrate data from Magento 1 to Magento 2? Tadhg will quickly explain what Magento’s data migration tool is all about. Follow what happens when a real world Enterprise client decides to migrate! How was the migration investigated, what actually happened, how were issues resolved, what were the workarounds, how was go-live planned. All this in 15 minutes no problem! YouTube Link -

16:00 Magento is for Life, not just for Christmas
Talk by Rebecca Troth (15 minutes)

It’s easy to fall into the habit of putting sites live and forgetting about them, treating what we do as if it’s part of a factory production line, when actually it’s so much more. In this short talk we’ll cover the sad fact that many Magento sites are not upgraded to the latest releases, a few do’s and don’ts of post-live Magento projects, new functionality in Magento 2 that will make maintaining online stores easier, along with something a little different to keep you on your toes. YouTube Link -

Evolution of the Core Import Interface
Talk by Nils Preuß (15 minutes)

Every merchant wants to sell his stuff, but first all those shiny gadgets have to be available for sale online. Most use some kind of import/export interface and with 1.5 we got that into core Magento. What was (Magento1 retrospective), what is (Magento2 situation) and what will or should be there in the future to allow merchants to fulfill their task easier: importing all those stuff in a reasonable timeframe. YouTube Link -

16:30 Community Engagement 2.0
Talk by Jason Woosley (30 minutes)

At Magento we believe in an empowered community that directly participates in the success and iterative innovation of the platform. Learn how community contributions have made the Magento platform more robust, more responsive, and more extensible – hear some success stories from the field and discover how to accelerate your contributions and get your attribution. Hear about new open source initiatives at Magento, gain insights into our development activity and roadmap, and join the shared vision that is our open source Magento ecosystem. YouTube Link -