Talk comments

A great talk to end the day and my favorite of the conference. Adam's organization and energy elevated a potentially dry topic. He provided concise and relevant advice on the topic, supported by a well-conceived slide deck. A double session ( 1.5 hr ) would have been perfect in this situation as the pacing was forced to be very brisk.

As good as expected. Looking forward to the next talk.

Fantastic. Great ending for the conference. Glad I didn't leave early.

Great overview of a framework I've been meaning to check out for a while now. Would have been nice to delve a little deeper into specifics, but I felt like I got a good gist of what the framework is about. Always fun to hear about the new hotness.

Good analogies. Kept me engaged through some concepts that could get dull in a hurry.

Lots of great approaches to making life with WordPress more pleasant from a development perspective. I'm looking forward to sharing with the rest of our team.

Great overview of git hooks. Just technical enough to get me started without going way over my head.

Really good presentation! Learned some interesting things, and was really glad that I attended Josh's session. The pace, the energy, all were a nice addition. Thanks Josh.

Sara did a great job!! The subject matter was over my head, but she made it enjoyable, interesting and clear that right now, I don't need HipHop! Really nice job Sara.