The OpenWest conference is a community driven conference that focuses on all things Open Source, Open Hardware and Open Standards. The community feel of the conference comes in a few ways:


A Clear Text Explanation of the AES Cipher
Talk by Robert Stone
Cutting the Cord: How to Make the Jump to Freelance!
Talk by Kyle Tyacke
PHP 5.6: New and Deprecated Features
Talk by Mark Niebergall
From Vim Muggle to Wizard in 10 Easy Steps
Talk by Erik Falor
Improving performance with responsive (and responsible!) images
Talk by David Newton
Selenium Testing: 7 Things You Need To Know
Talk by Jared Yarn
High Stakes Continuous Delivery in the Real World
Talk by Joshua Warren
Internet of Things: How to Choose a Hardware Platform
Talk by Kevin Sidwar
Using TypeScript with AngularJS to Enhance your Development Experience
Talk by Joe Skeen, Tony Curtis
Navigating Your Git Repository
Talk by Gemma Anible
Using OpenSource in the Internet of Things
Talk by Aaron
Running an IT department in a Non-IT Company
Talk by Ryan Bouche
Give Your Engineers Wings, not Anchors: Building Tools for the Cloud
Talk by Jacob Mather
A Beginner's Introduction to Functional Programming with Java
Talk by Cory Klein
Websockets and Event-driven Programming with PHP
Talk by Steve Meyers
Integrating Relational Databases with Hadoop
Talk by Pat wright
Universal Web Design: How to create an awesome experience for *every* user
Talk by David Newton
Screen and Tmux: The greatest little programs you've never used
Talk by Erik Falor
Technical Debt Management
Talk by Mark Niebergall
Web Accessibility Testing Using CasperJS
Talk by Curtis Jensen
Programming in Go
Talk by Brian G. Merrell
An Introduction to PHP Data Objects: A Better Way to Interact with Your Database
Talk by Rusty Keele
Promises, Promises. An introduction to the Promise/Deferred pattern in Javascript
Talk by Richard Bateman
Hadoop, MapReduce, Weka & Python Pandas, Oh My? A Data Mining and Machine Learning Primer
Talk by James Lohse
Human Hacking
Talk by E. Dunham
How To Build a Tech Community
Talk by Vance Lucas
Does Your Code Measure Up?
Talk by Adam Culp
Testing with Selenium Web Driver
Talk by Kyle Waters
Make your life easier, one package at a time
Talk by Aaron Gibson
Hardening Apache and PHP
Talk by Lance Buttars
Beginning OOP in PHP
Talk by David Stockton
Communicate All the Things! ...with WebRTC!
Talk by Kyle Tyacke
Agile Doesn't Have to Stink
Talk by Justin Carmony
Database Optimization for Web Developers
Talk by Steve Meyers
Work-Life Balance For Passionate Geeks
Talk by Joshua Warren
Thinking In Git
Talk by E. Dunham
Pseudo-Random Number Generation - How does it work and what does the NSA and CIA know?
Talk by Robert Stone
The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Moving to an SOA
Talk by Derrick Isaacson
Vagrant up your enviroment
Talk by Yann Larrivée
DevOps For Small Teams
Talk by Joe Ferguson
Scaling Elasticsearch: Designing for Performance and Availability
Talk by Tyler Langlois
Application Development in an Eventually Consistent World
Talk by Ben Coverston
From open-source community involvement to career
Talk by Aaron Mildenstein
Old school languages on new-fangled platforms: C++ in the browser
Talk by Richard Bateman
Testing Spaghetti
Talk by Gemma Anible
Building an enterprise-grade app with AngularJS
Talk by Dmitry Pashkevich
Focus Group: Impostor Syndrome - You're Not Alone
Talk by Stacie Farmer
Intermediate jQuery - Part 2
Talk by Mike Scalora
Essential Git for developers
Talk by Adam Culp
Microservices for the Monolith
Talk by James Thompson
Evaluating Your App Idea
Talk by Vance Lucas
Firefox OS Apps: From Setup to Submission
Talk by Garrett Nay
Virtualize your stack with Vagrant and Puppet
Talk by Jacob Mather
Updating the old-school with C++11
Talk by Richard Bateman
Easy Testing & Development w/ django-fixtureless
Talk by Rico Cordova
Abstraction, Object Interfaces, Traits, Namespaces, and Dependency Injection: Cool Stuff in PHP
Talk by Mark Niebergall
Intermediate OOP in PHP
Talk by David Stockton
RethinkDB: Advancing the Realtime Web
Talk by Michael Glukhovsky
How to Disagree - But Still Be Agreeable
Talk by Robert Stone
Behavior Driving AngularJS with Jasmine
Talk by Tony Curtis
10 warning signs in IT projects.
Talk by Yann Larrivée
Continuous Integration: How I stopped guessing if that merge was bad
Talk by Joe Ferguson
Elasticsearch: You Know, for s/Search/Operations/
Talk by Tyler Langlois
An Introduction To Docker
Talk by Brayden Winterton
Developing Creativity
Talk by Gavin Howard
AngularJS Directives: the next 42
Talk by Ben Loveridge
You Don’t Know Node.js
Talk by Vance Lucas
Test drive your code with Test::More
Talk by Travis Chase
Security in PHP Applications: An absolute must!
Talk by Mark Niebergall
A New Type of PHP: HHVM and Hack
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Get Out of the Back Row! A Community Involvement Primer
Talk by Joshua Warren
Zero to Sixty with MongoDB
Workshop by Jeremy Mikola
Git with the flow: maintainable branch strategies using Git[Hub] Flow
Talk by Ben Loveridge
Hacking Sites for Fun and Profit
Workshop by David Stockton
Testing Browser JavaScript Completely
Talk by Jacob Mather
Teaching DevOps to University Students
Talk by E. Dunham
Give your Data the Respect it Deserves
Talk by Jason Dobry
Scaling RabbitMQ
Talk by Jared Robinson
Flow Based Programming: Why you should care even if you never plan to use it.
Talk by Samuel M Smith
The ELK Stack: Practical for System Administration?
Talk by Hayden Panike, Russel Havens, Tanner Gary Lund
Forget Frameworks! Build Your App the Way You Want with Ampersand.js
Talk by Garrett Nay
Your Momma's got Javascript Design Patterns!!
Talk by Ryan Done
A gentle and (mostly) harmless primer to event loops
Talk by Scott Wiersdorf
Introduction to building a programming language
Talk by Jacob Mather
Behavior & Specification Driven Development in PHP
Talk by Joshua Warren
Introduction to .NET Core
Talk by Daniel Calkins
Learning AngularJS
Talk by Claron Twitchell
CSS Power-ups
Workshop by Matthew Swensen
Advanced Data Modeling with MongoDB
Workshop by Jeremy Mikola
Introduction to SaltStack
Workshop by Seth House
Hands-on Introduction to Go Programming
Workshop by Brian G. Merrell
API All the Things!
Workshop by David Stockton
A deeper look at the ELK Stack: Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana
Workshop by Aaron Mildenstein