Join us on Friday, September 22nd, 2017 for a full day of tutorials followed by a three tracks of talks on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. Madison PHP Conference in Madison, Wisconsin focuses on PHP and related web technologies. This event is organized by Madison PHP and is designed to offer something to attendees at all skill levels. It will be two days of networking, learning, sharing, and great fun!

Friday 22nd September 2017

09:00 Create an API-centric System for Web and Mobile
Workshop by Christian Varela in Oakbrook (3 hours)
Guide to UX Testing with Assistive Technology
Workshop by Andrea Skeries in Odana (3 hours)
Linux SysAdmin 101
Workshop by Liam Wiltshire in Grand Canyon (3 hours)
13:30 Docker for PHP Developers
Workshop by Chris Tankersley in Oakbrook (3 hours)
Hack Your Home With a Raspberry Pi
Workshop by Kenneth E. Marks in Odana (3 hours)
Rated 5
Getting More Out Of Git
Workshop by Jordan Kasper in Grand Canyon (3 hours)

Saturday 23rd September 2017

Rated 5
Engineering a Successful Career Through Failure!
Keynote by Rodney Urquhart in Grand Canyon (1 hour)
10:10 The Road to PHP 7.1
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam in Oakbrook (1 hour)
What Makes a Great Developer?
Talk by Matthew Turland in Odana (1 hour)
Pulling up Your Legacy App by Its Bootstraps!
Talk by Emily Stamey in Grand Canyon (1 hour)
11:20 Empathy As A Service: Supporting Mental Health in the Tech Workplace
Talk by Nara Kasbergen in Oakbrook (1 hour)
PHP OOP: An Object-oriented Programming Primer
Talk by Oscar Merida in Odana (1 hour)
RegEx Is Your Friend
Talk by Liam Wiltshire in Grand Canyon (1 hour)
13:30 Will You Help Me End Pixelated Images on the Internet?
Talk by Julka Grodel in Oakbrook (1 hour)
Building Unique Templates with Custom Post Types in WordPress
Talk by Andrea Roenning in Odana (1 hour)
Browser Serving Your Web Application Security
Talk by Philippe Gamache in Grand Canyon (1 hour)
Rated 2
Illusions of Web Development and How They Are Destroying the Industry
Talk by Stefany Newman in Grand Canyon (1 hour)
PHP Prepared Statements and MySQL Table Design
Talk by Ed Barnard in Odana (1 hour)
Creating a Local Dev Environment with Vagrant and Puppet
Talk by Daniel Greig in Oakbrook (1 hour)
15:50 What Raising 3 Kids Taught Me About Working with Users
Talk by Derek Binkley in Oakbrook (1 hour)
10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Composer
Talk by Patrick Schwisow in Odana (1 hour)
Dev Divas: History's Heroines of Computing
Talk by Vesna Vuynovich Kovach in Grand Canyon (1 hour)
Rated 5
Thank You PHP Community, I Owe You so Much
Keynote by Michelangelo van Dam in Grand Canyon (1 hour)