The largest regional tech conference devoted to all things OPEN: Hardware, Standards, Source and Data. OpenWest works closely with many of the local user groups to plan, develop and operate the conference.


Deep Learning Optimized Chatbots
Talk by Bob Davis
JavaScript the Good-er Parts
Talk by Matt Banz
Xamarin, MvvmCross and Rx; Oh My!
Talk by Don Jordan
Linux Security & Compliance Auditing with HubbleStack
Talk by Christer Edwards
JSON Web Tokens Will Improve Your Life
Talk by John Anderson
The Services Your Microservices Could Be Like
Talk by Ethan Garofolo
InfluxDB for time-series data logging
Talk by Brannon King
Creating a RESTful API without losing too much sleep
Talk by Mike Anderson
Introduction to Rust
Talk by Nathan Stocks
The Edge Case of Insanity: How weaknesses can improve testing and how testing can improve weaknesses
Talk by Julene Johnson
Smartwatch Development for the Outdoorsman
Talk by Don Jordan
Database Optimization for Web Developers
Talk by Steve Meyers
SOLID In Practice
Talk by Jessica Mauerhan
Building A Wrapper API: The case for abstraction
Talk by Aaron Mildenstein
TestOps is Dead; Long live TestOps!
Talk by Alex Langshall
Present Like A Pro - The Next 10 Tips for Owning the Room
Talk by Duke Speer
Introduction to NoSQL
Talk by John Kerley-Weeks
Intro to Sysdig
Talk by Garrett Hyde
Introduction to ASP.NET Core
Talk by Nate Zaugg
Building Zero Trust Computing Applications Using RAET
Talk by Samuel M Smith
Using Open CV to solve a real world problem
Talk by John Harrison
Database Semantic Layers
Talk by John Kerley-Weeks
Scripting vs. Programming
Talk by Spencer Christensen
Friends Don't Let Friends Browse Unencrypted: Running a VPN for friends and family
Talk by John Anderson
Smart Apps : How to add Artificial Intelligence into your software
Talk by Bob Davis
From 0 to Swarm in an automated fashion
Talk by Mike Anderson
A Crash Course in Functional Programming
Talk by Stephen Rollins
Taking Your App International: 8 Things You Should Know Before Making the Leap
Talk by Dmitry Pashkevich
Why we can't have the Internet of Nice Things: A home automation primer
Talk by Sean Dague
Scheme: the reason your programming language has any redeeming qualities at all
Talk by Erik Falor
Realtime client-server communication options for .NET
Talk by Brannon King
Impostor Syndrome: Be Proud of Your Achievements!
Talk by Mark Niebergall
The Best Free Fonts and When to Use Them
Talk by Matthew O'Rourke
Data Driven Development
Talk by Tyler Henkel
The perils of .NET's Task.Run and how to avoid them
Talk by Brannon King
Maximizing Logstash performance
Talk by Aaron Mildenstein
Logs Are Magic: Why Git Workflows and Commit Structure Should Matter To You
Talk by John Anderson
Introduction to Microservice Architecture
Talk by Nate Zaugg
Reduce Your Technical Debt
Talk by Mark Niebergall
A Survey of Open Networks (* instructions included)
Talk by Trent Larson
Open Source Software in Robotics and Real-Time Control Systems
Talk by Gary Crum
Cracking the Code Review
Talk by Stephen Rollins
DOs and DON'Ts of MongoDB
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Websockets and Event-driven Programming with ReactPHP
Talk by Steve Meyers
Efficient, Compliant and Secure: You can have all 3!
Talk by Daniel Jeffery
Bump, Set, Touchdown!: The importance of onboarding and knowing your team
Talk by Julene Johnson
Advanced PHP Simplified
Talk by Mark Niebergall
OpenShift Tutorial
Workshop by Garrett Hyde
Zero to Sixty with MongoDB
Workshop by Jeremy Mikola