Utah Open Source Foundation, a collaboration of volunteers from local user groups, held its first conference in 2006 to support and promote open-source software. The conference has grown since then, and so has its regional reach into the surrounding communities.


KEYNOTE: Trillion Node Networks
Keynote by Phil Windley
Home Automation With Node.js and Raspberry Pi
Talk by Clint Berry
Using the Appcelerator Titanium platform to develop for iOS and Android
Talk by Alma Madsen
Getting Started with PHP (for webdevs, bizdevs, and recruiters)
Talk by AJ ONeal
Clean Application Development
Talk by Adam Culp
How to Bring Your Technology Idea to Life
Talk by Matt Smith
Getting Started with Arduino
Talk by Jeremy Willden
Rocking Responsive Web Development
Talk by Josh Broton
High Performance Websites with Scalable Workers
Talk by Justin Carmony
Ruby Automated Testing: You're Doing It Wrong
Talk by stephen felt
Hadoop 101 and the "Big Data Hype"
Talk by Dave Wellman
Arduino-enabled ExtraBee Open Source Radio Module
Talk by Martin Johnson, Jeremy Willden
Sticks, Spit, and Ducttape: Advanced RWD Layout Techniques
Talk by Josh Broton
Adding to your Python Armory
Talk by Colton Myers
TypeScript: An Introduction
Talk by Bret Little
An intro to API development with Mojolicious
Talk by Matt Monsen
PHP Security: It doesn't have to be an oxymoron
Talk by Steve Meyers
Ruby and its precious Gems
Talk by Matthew Nielsen
The Art & Science of Search, from Algorithms to Answers.
Talk by Dave Wellman
A Crash Course in Hobbyist Electronics
Talk by Dallin S. Durfee
PHP in 2013
Talk by Rasmus Lerdorf
Talk by Jake Smith
KEYNOTE: The Evolution of PHP as an Open Source Language
Keynote by Rasmus Lerdorf
Programming with Persistent Compute Objects: A Post-Web Architecture
Talk by Phil Windley
Removing Cron From The PHP Workflow
Talk by Dan Hunsaker
Making Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment(AIDE) Awesome
Talk by Anthony Browness
Writing Applications At Cloud Scale
Talk by Matt Ryan
Single Page Applications
Talk by Mac Newbold
Firewall Wizardry using Netfiler / Iptables
Talk by Lance Buttars
Vector Graphics on the Web with Raphaƫl
Talk by Daniel Hanks
Protecting Your Linux Server Against Security Vulnerabilities
Talk by Craig Gardner
Hardcore Google: Go, AngularJS, and App Engine
Talk by Joshua Marsh
I'm Using WordPress, Now What? Starter Edition
Talk by Thom Allen
Database Optimization for Web Developers
Talk by Steve Meyers
Real-time infrastructure management with Salt
Talk by Seth House
Managing Project Dependencies with Composer
Talk by Russell S. Ahlstrom
Are You A Wizard? Efficient Text Editing with Vim
Talk by Jamison Dance
Build more with LESS CSS
Talk by Jake Smith
Refactoring 101
Talk by Adam Culp
Embrace Your Inner Designer
Talk by Josh Broton
BackboneJS: Beyond the Basics
Talk by Bret Little
Kanban: The Other Agile
Talk by Mac Newbold
It's Not Just a Blog: A closer look at the APIs that make WordPress a full CMS
Talk by Mike Payne
Beyond the GPL
Talk by Matt Ryan
An Introduction to Ember.js
Talk by Jamison Dance
Puppet for Optimum, All-purpose System Administration
Talk by Craig Gardner
Linux arcana
Talk by Daniel Hanks
HTML5 Game Workshop
Workshop by Sean Murphy