PFCongres is the web development conference of the year. For the seventh year in a row, we welcome a large group of web developers to update their knowledge. Just like last year, you can expect a full-day conference with two simultaneous tracks. So, just make your pick!


Saturday 15th September 2012

Rated 4
PostgreSQL, 's werelds meest geavanceerde OS database, maar waarom eigenlijk?
Talk by Vincent Elschot in Nederlandse zaal
Offline strategies for HTML5 web applications
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer in English room
10:05 Alice & bob: Public key cryptography 101
Talk by Joshua Thijssen in Nederlandse zaal
Composer: Project Dependency Management for PHP
Talk by Nils Adermann in English room
11:15 Finishing off your project with a layer of Varnish
Talk by Harrie Verveer in Nederlandse zaal
Profiling PHP Applications
Talk by Derick Rethans in English room
12:10 Klanten zijn net mensen
Talk by Frank van den Brink in Nederlandse zaal
Rock Solid Deployment of PHP Apps
Talk by Pablo Godel in English room
Rated 3
Single-page Javascript applications with Backbone.js and REST
Talk by Freek Wielstra, Gerbrand van Diejien in Nederlandse zaal
Treading the PHPath
Talk by Rafael Dohms in English room
Rated 4
Je eigen start-up: Waar te beginnen
Talk by Richard Jong in Nederlandse zaal
HTTP and Your Angry Dog
Talk by Ross Tuck in English room
15:55 To SQL or No(t)SQL
Talk by Jeroen van Dijk in Nederlandse zaal
Don't Reinvent the Wheel with Symfony2 Components!
Talk by Hugo Hamon in English room
Rated 4
Building a "Think Small" Community
Keynote by Chris Cornutt