The team at php[architect] are once again going to run php[tek], their premier professional PHP conference. The conference will take place on May 19-23, 2014 in Chicago, USA, and will feature:


Build your first Symfony2 application
Workshop by Stefan Koopmanschap
Hacking Sites for Fun and Profit
Workshop by David Stockton
Introduction to Laravel
Workshop by Collin Schneider
Introduction to Databases
Workshop by Jeremy Mikola, Davey Shafik
Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP
Talk by Derick Rethans
Introduction to OAuth
Talk by Matt Frost
Accelerating Web Applications with Varnish
Talk by Samantha Quiñones
Adaptive Delivery - The other responsive
Talk by Josh Trout
How Silex and Cilex became the glue for a media transcoding application
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap
What to expect from Drupal 8
Talk by Larry Garfield
Building scalable PHP applications using Google’s App Engine
Talk by Ian Barber
Security Is Not a Feature, It's a State of Mind
Talk by Elizabeth Marie Smith
Basic Intrusion Detection with PHPIDS
Talk by Greg Wilson
Grokking Regex
Talk by David Stockton
Becoming a GoPHPer
Talk by Paddy Foran
Contributing to Core: My Journey to Add array_column() to the PHP Core
Talk by Ben Ramsey
JavaScript's Difficult Concepts
Talk by Jeff Carouth
How to Get There
Keynote by Larry Ullman
Async PHP with React
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Modern PHP
Talk by Ben Ramsey
You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer's Interface
Talk by Eryn O'Neil
From SQL to noSQL
Talk by Derick Rethans
Recursion: Making Big Problems Smaller
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom
Obtaining Closure with Anonymous Functions
Talk by Andrew Cassell
Static Sites with Sculpin
Talk by Beau Simensen
Adventures in Contract Development
Talk by Tim Lytle
Functional PHP
Talk by Larry Garfield
How To Be A Great Developer
Talk by Ed Finkler
Composer: Stability and Semantic Versioning Demystified
Talk by Beau Simensen
No Modes – The Future of all Web Applications
Talk by Andrew Cassell
Stop Multiplying by 4: Practical software estimation
Talk by Chuck Reeves
Building Web Service Clients with Guzzle
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom
Two Factor Authentication and You
Talk by Chris Stone
Socket Programming with PHP
Talk by Elizabeth Marie Smith
Faster Web Development with Yii 2
Talk by Larry Ullman
Mocking Dependencies in PHPUnit
Talk by Matt Frost
Git and Github: Working Effectively on a Team
Talk by Jeff Carouth
Shell Revolution
Talk by Chris Stone