Laracon Europe is a three-day event in historic Amsterdam where developers will improve their knowledge and awareness of modern engineering techniques and strengthen their network of like-minded developers.


Thursday 28th August 2014

11:00 Beyond PHP: It’s Not (Just) About the Code
Talk by Wim Godden (45 minutes)
Handling Highly Connected Data with Neo4j Graph Databases
Talk by Michelle Sanver (45 minutes)
13:00 Getting Started with Package Development for PHP and Laravel
Talk by Hannes Van De Vreken (20 minutes)
Rated 3
Integrating Doctrine with Laravel
Talk by Mitchell van Wijngaarden (20 minutes)
Rated 3
Feature Induced Happiness
Talk by Xander Smalbil (20 minutes)
Filesystem Abstraction with Flysystem
Talk by Frank de Jonge (30 minutes)
14:00 In-depth Laravel Tips and Tricks
Talk by Andreas Lutro (45 minutes)
TDD: The Good Parts
Talk by Adam Wathan (45 minutes)
15:30 Coding Like a Girl
Talk by Gabriela D'Ávila (45 minutes)
Principles of PHP Package Design
Talk by Matthias Noback (45 minutes)
Rated 5
The use of multiple Laravel applications within a huge sports platform
Talk by Dirk Jan Menkveld (20 minutes)
Rated 5
Q&A with Taylor Otwell
Talk by Taylor Otwell (30 minutes)

Friday 29th August 2014

11:00 Sharing Laravel
Talk by Matt Stauffer (45 minutes)
13:00 Portable Environments with Vagrant
Talk by Erika Heidi (45 minutes)
14:00 Comprehensive Validation with Laravel 4
Talk by Kirk Bushell (45 minutes)
16:00 Discovering ElasticSearch
Talk by Ben Corlett (45 minutes)
Rated 5
The State of Laravel
Talk by Taylor Otwell (45 minutes)

Saturday 30th August 2014

10:00 Decoupling the Model from the Framework
Talk by Mathias Verraes (45 minutes)
11:00 PHP Annotations: They exist!
Talk by Rafael Dohms (45 minutes)
13:00 The Code Manifesto: Empowering our Community
Talk by Graham Daniels (45 minutes)
14:00 Design How Your Objects Talk Through Mocking
Talk by Konstantin Kudryashov (45 minutes)
16:00 Lisp
Talk by Igor (45 minutes)
17:00 Things I Believe Now That I’m Old
Keynote by Ross Tuck (45 minutes)