Welcome back to Lone Star PHP for another great year! We're in our fifth year and we're making things better all the time. This year's event will provide all of the great PHP speakers and content you've come to expect from Lone Star PHP. This year we are introducing the Training Day. Training Day will provide a more hands-on experience for all that attend. There'll be plenty of time to spend with the local PHP community too through after-parties and other events.


PHP Foundations
Workshop by Davey Shafik, Patrick Andersen, Elizabeth Marie Smith, Beth Tucker Long, Michelle Sanver
Getting Started with PHPUnit
Workshop by Matt Frost
Your Inner Sysadmin
Workshop by Chris Tankersley
Modeling APIs for legacy apps
Workshop by Keith Casey
PHP Security Bootcamp
Workshop by Chris Cornutt
Scaling Magento - Reaching Peak Performance
Workshop by Mathew Beane
OOP Is More Than Cars and Dogs
Talk by Chris Tankersley
HipHop and Hack: PHP for Real World Applications
Talk by Seth Thornberry, Nalin Singapuri
Architecting with Queues for Scale, Speed, and Separation
Talk by Sandy Smith
Composer Best Practices
Talk by Jordi Boggiano
Caching Strategies
Talk by Ben Ramsey
Does your code measure up?
Talk by Adam Culp
Dependency Injection, Dependency Inversion, and You
Talk by Jeff Carouth
The Things Your Application Does While You're Not Looking
Talk by Josh Butts
Drupal 8: The Crash Course
Talk by Larry Garfield
API Pain Points
Talk by Phil Sturgeon
Object-Oriented JavaScript (yes, it really exists)
Talk by Jordan Kasper
Serial legacy killer - My approach on going from legacy to modern
Talk by Cory Darby
It Feels Great to Iterate
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom
Architecting the Madness: WordPress as a Modern Development Framework and Business
Talk by Eugene Cook
Raiding the MongoDB Toolbox
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Five things I wish they had told me before I started programming in PHP
Talk by Cal Evans
Refactoring Legacy Code
Talk by Adam Culp
Deploying Web Applications with Capistrano
Talk by Andrew Turner
A Gentle Walk Towards SOA
Talk by Jeff Carouth
Debugging Zen
Talk by Ben Ramsey
How To Make a Big Ball of Mud
Talk by David Hayes
Functional PHP
Talk by Larry Garfield
Async PHP with React
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone: Learning to Teach
Talk by Heather L White
Building Rock Solid Software in the Real World
Talk by Omni Adams
Behat+Mink+PhantomJS = Test ALL THE THINGS!
Talk by Michelle Sanver
Speak HTTP and Consume APIs with Guzzle
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom
Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project
Talk by Jordi Boggiano
Gitting Past the Basics
Talk by Jordan Kasper
Don't Fear the Regex
Talk by Sandy Smith