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Thursday 18th February 2016

Rated 4
The Code Manifesto
Keynote by Graham Daniels in Main Track (30 minutes)
10:20 Simple Machine Learning
Talk by Christopher Hoult in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
What To Expect From PHP7
Talk by Lorna Mitchell in Main Track (1 hour)
SilverStripe - the open source PHP CMS for teams
Talk by Hamish Friedlander in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
11:30 Every Millisecond Counts: Performance & UX
Talk by Davey Shafik in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
Eating spaghetti with Symfony
Talk by Jakub Zalas in Main Track (1 hour)
Mentoring: Change the World One Hour at a Time
Talk by Beth Tucker Long in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
13:30 PSR-7 HTTP messages in the wild
Talk by Hannes Van De Vreken in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
Mocking Dependencies in Unit Tests with Phake
Talk by Matthew Turland in Main Track (1 hour)
Large-scale websites performance optimisation tricks
Talk by Georgiana Gligor in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
14:40 MySQL 5.7 + JSON
Talk by Morgan Tocker in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
Elastic scaling in a (micro)service oriented architecture
Talk by Bastian Hofmann in Main Track (1 hour)
Magento Done Right
Talk by Ciaran Rooney in Side Track 2 (30 minutes)
16:00 Version Control - tips, tricks and good citizenship
Talk by Tess Barnes in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
HHVM and MongoDB — the perfect combination
Talk by Derick Rethans in Main Track (1 hour)
Docker & PHP - development and deployment
Talk by Szymon Skórczyński in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
17:10 Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project
Keynote by Jordi Boggiano in Main Track (30 minutes)

Friday 19th February 2016

Rated 5
Imposter Syndrome and Individual Competence
Keynote by Jessica Rose in Main Track (30 minutes)
10:20 Security Theatre
Talk by Thomas Shone in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
From Vagrant to Production
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer in Main Track (1 hour)
From PHP to Machine Code
Talk by Juozas Kaziukėnas in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
11:30 Step Into Debugging
Talk by Gary Hockin in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
Rated 4
Real-Time Data Pipelines
Talk by Samantha Quiñones in Main Track (1 hour)
Kubernetes at the Home Office
Talk by Billie Thompson in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
13:30 All the cool kids...
Talk by Matthias Noback in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
Introducing Zend Framework 3
Talk by Rob Allen in Main Track (1 hour)
How I learned to stop worrying and love Regular Expressions
Talk by Jordi Boggiano in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
14:40 Dip Your Toes in the Sea of Security
Talk by James Titcumb in Main Track (1 hour)
Rated 4
Comic book continuity and Git rebase
Talk by Gavin Davies in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
Whirlwind tour through the HTTP2 spec
Talk by Ole Michaelis in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
16:00 Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks
Talk by Marco Pivetta in Side Track 1 (1 hour)
Automation Automation Automation
Talk by Michael Heap in Main Track (1 hour)
Welcome to the new age: porting extensions to PHP 7
Talk by Adam Harvey in Side Track 2 (1 hour)
17:10 Got 15 minutes? Then give something back!
Keynote by Liam Wiltshire in Main Track (30 minutes)