Ibuildings is proud to organize the tenth Dutch PHP Conference on June 24 and 25, plus a pre-conference tutorial day on June 23. Both programs will be completely in English so the only Dutch thing about it is the location. Keywords for these days: Know-how, Technology, Best Practices, Networking, Tips & Tricks.


Going Elastic
Workshop by Philipp Krenn
Hexagonal BDD - Part 2
Workshop by Scato Eggen
Mirror, mirror on the wall: Building a new PHP reflection library
Talk by James Titcumb
Build your own Recommendation Engine with Neo4j and Reco4PHP
Talk by Christophe Willemsen
A Functional Guide to Cat Herding with PHP Generators
Talk by Mark Baker
JWT: To authentication and beyond!
Talk by Luis Cobucci
The secrets of Cryptography
Talk by Christopher Riley
Solving Cross-Cutting Concerns in PHP
Talk by Alexander Lisachenko
Identify All the Things With UUIDs!
Talk by Ben Ramsey
Elasticsearch, the story so far
Talk by Frank Koornstra, Jordy Moos
Machine Learning for the rescue
Talk by Mariusz Gil
The Road to Technical Team Lead
Talk by Ben Waine
Deploy to Microsoft Azure in 15 minutes
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam
Integrating Bounded Contexts
Talk by Carlos Buenosvinos
Extremely defensive PHP
Talk by Marco Pivetta
Programming in Hack
Talk by Alejandro Marcu
Crafting beautiful software
Talk by Jorn Oomen
Hacking your way to better security
Talk by Colin O'Dell
Deploy your application in a box
Talk by Willem-Jan Zijderveld
Beyond Testing
Talk by Michael Bodnarchuk
CQRS and Domain Events for integration
Talk by Giorgio Sironi
Driving Design through Examples
Talk by Ciaran McNulty
Being functional in PHP
Talk by David de Boer
53 Minutes or Less - Architecting For Failure In The Cloud
Talk by Ben Waine
Getting started with ReactPHP
Talk by Cees-Jan Kiewiet
Mutation Testing in PHP with Humbug
Talk by Mark Redeman
Machine Learning - Support Vector Machines
Talk by Sjoerd Maessen
Debugging Effectively
Talk by Colin O'Dell
Niels van Esch The treacherous road to microservices
Talk by Niels van Esch
From doctor to coder: A whole new world?
Talk by Aisha Sie
Diving Deep Into JavaScript Functions
Talk by Colin DeCarlo
Things I was unprepared for as a lead developer
Talk by Pascal de Vink
Microservices: Packs small, plays BIG!
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer
Introducing Eager Design
Talk by Marcello Duarte
Lightning fast tests
Talk by Jakub Zalas
Scaling your website
Talk by Alejandro Marcu
Unglue all the things!
Talk by Beau Simensen
Automating deployment with Accompli
Talk by Niels Nijens
PSR-7 HTTP messages in the wild
Talk by Hannes Van De Vreken
Feature Flags are Flawed: Let's Make Them Better
Talk by Stephen Young
The road to continuous deployment: a case study
Talk by Michiel Rook
How We Talk About Tech
Keynote by Ross Tuck