The team at php[architect] will once again run our annual conference php[tek], their premier professional PHP conference. This marks the 10th php[tek]!


MongoDB Essentials
Workshop by Derick Rethans, Jeremy Mikola
Fundamental Object-Oriented PHP
Workshop by Jeff Carouth
Adventures in Laravel 5
Workshop by Joe Ferguson
Managing Dependencies with Composer
Workshop by Beau Simensen
The Wonderful World of APIs
Workshop by Tim Lytle
Introduction to Design Patterns in PHP
Workshop by Hugo Hamon
Testing as Regression Prevention
Workshop by Eric Mann
Nitty Gritty AngularJS
Talk by Rosina Bignall
OOP is More Than Cars and Dogs
Talk by Chris Tankersley
Mocking Dependencies in Unit Tests with Phake
Talk by Matthew Turland
PHP and Standards
Talk by Michael Heap
Templates with Twig: Easier Than You Think
Talk by Margaret Staples
Websockets and Event-driven Programming with PHP
Talk by Steve Meyers
Testing Spaghetti
Talk by Gemma Anible
Polyglot Databases
Talk by Majid Fatemian
Enough about Classes, Let's Talk Templates
Talk by Jonathan Reinink
Business Logic Security
Talk by Ilia Alshanetsky
TDD: Team-Driven Development
Talk by Samantha Quiñones
When Dynamic Becomes Static: The Next Step in Web Caching
Talk by Wim Godden
Composer Best Practices
Talk by Jordi Boggiano
Building Offline-Enabled Apps with PouchDB
Talk by Bradley Holt
Data Structures in PHP
Talk by Matthew Turland
Ditching jQuery
Talk by Hao
PHP 7 is (Almost) Here. OMG! PANIC!
Talk by Adam Harvey
Doctrine ORM: What's This, Then?
Talk by Margaret Staples
Rediscover the Power of WordPress
Talk by Eric Mann
Rethink Image Manipulations with Glide
Talk by Jonathan Reinink
PHPSpec & Behat: Two Testing Tools That Write Code For You
Talk by Joshua Warren
A Toolbox for APIs and Integrations
Talk by Ben Ramsey
The Promise of Asynchronous PHP
Talk by Wim Godden
The Dark Art of Debugging
Talk by Joe Shindelar
Database Normalization for Developers
Talk by Rosina Bignall
Practical Computer Science Concepts Simplified
Talk by Joshua Silver
Code Coverage: Covered in Depth
Talk by Sebastian Bergmann
Navigating Your Git Repository
Talk by Gemma Anible
Building PHP Daemons and Long Running Processes
Talk by Tim Lytle
MySQL Replication for Beginners
Talk by Dave Stokes
HTTP is Dead. Long Live HTTP/2!
Talk by Ben Ramsey
The Three Dimensions of Testing
Talk by Sebastian Bergmann
Payment Processing on the Web: Behind-the-Scenes
Talk by Joshua Silver
Dependency Injection, Dependency Inversion, and You
Talk by Jeff Carouth
A Developer's Primer to Managing Developers
Talk by Joe Shindelar