WebCamp Zagreb is a technology oriented conference for developers & designers taking place on 6th & 7th October 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Wednesday 4th October 2017

Metagrokking Elixir
Workshop by Saša Jurić (4 hour)

This workshop aims to improve your Elixir onboarding experience, by walking you through an implementation of a simple, real-world resembling web-facing system, and explaining various features of the language and the runtime along the way.

Writing Superpowers for Geeks
Workshop by Ivan Brezak Brkan (4 hour)

From better, more concise code and more persuasive emails to clients and colleagues, to documentation that other developers will want to read and better blog posts that will truly show our expertise - writing is an essential skill that every developer can use to succeed in their career.

Thursday 5th October 2017

Keechma - Going Beyond Redux
Workshop by Mihael Konjević (4 hour)

Keechma is a frontend framework for ClojureScript. This workshop will give you a crash course in Keechma architecture and some of it’s unique traits.

Learning WebGL by breaking stuff
Workshop by Lauren Budorick, Anjana Vakil (4 hour)

Doing reckless things with maps

Flying Drones with NodeJS
Workshop by Demir Selmanovic (3 hour)

Flying drones is the new cool thing to do. This workshop will show you how to plug into drone control protocol and make your own controller using NodeJS. We will create a simple autopilot with a predefined set of commands. This workshop will be limited to 10 participants as we want to give all of you an opportunity to connect and try your code on a real drone.

Logo Design Crash Course
Workshop by Nela Dunato (4 hour)

Become a better logo designer – learn how to create symbols that attract attention.

The Reset: Rethinking Float, Flex, Grid, and Web Layouts
Workshop by Morten Rand-Hendriksen (4 hour)

Learn how to take full advantage of all layout modules in CSS including float, flex, and grid to create accessible, modern, responsive, and progressive layouts.

Friday 6th October 2017

Programming across paradigms
Keynote by Anjana Vakil (45 minutes)

In this talk, we’ll explore the connections between the programs we write, the languages we work in, and the paradigms we use.

Writing code? Pfft... Evolve it instead!
Talk by Emma Gordon in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

An introduction to Genetic Algorithms, and how they can be used to "evolve" code rather than having a person write it.

Design Adventures in Open Source
Talk by Lucijan Blagonic in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

Designing in open–source: creating a positive impact and becoming a better designer in the process through empathy and communication.

12:15 Year with eventsourcing and CQRS
Talk by Miro Svrtan in Amphinicy track (45 minutes)

ES+CQRS is a different architectural design than MVC/CRUD, this is not an intro to the subject but stories from the trenches

Build bridges, not walls—Design for users across cultures
Talk by Jenny Shen in Trikoder track (45 minutes)

Want your product to dominate the world? Here several case studies will show why you need more than translations to break into new markets.

Getting test data for your system: as hard-core and as fun as it gets!
Talk by Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

How does one test solutions for satellite ground stations without launching a satellite? Eavesdrop on existing ones!

User Testing on Two Year Olds
Talk by Gabrijela Šitum in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

For my master thesis, I did a user testing for two year olds. Best. Experience. Ever.

Lunch (1 hour, 30 minutes)


15:05 2nd hardest thing in computer science
Talk by Pawel Lewtak in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

This talk is about naming things (modules, classes, methods, properties, variables) properly in order to improve code quality.

Turn Zero to Hero
Talk by Mihael Tomic in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

What are empty states and what makes them one of key UI/UX elements on the screen?

Elements of Scalable Architecture
Talk by Goran Peretin in Amphinicy track (45 minutes)

An overview of technical and non-technical elements that should be taken into account when working with systems at scale.

Software industry is making us stupid
Talk by Goran Peuc in Trikoder track (45 minutes)

The sad state of software design, how it's ruining our lives instead of making them better, and how to fix it.

16:55 Developing a safer web with Rust
Talk by Stanko Krtalic Rusendic in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

Developing web services with Rust. Using Rust's built in safety and open-source frameworks to make fast and fault-tolerant web applications.

Frontend creativity with web animations
Talk by Mario Novoselec in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

Important web animation techniques and concepts that can create different web experiences if done right. Backed up with concrete examples.

The State Of Chatbots In 2017
Talk by Christoph Rumpel in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

This talk is about chatbots! What is it, why is it important to know about it and how can it help you, your company or your clients.

Debugging communication
Talk by [email protected] in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

How does communication work? How can we break it down into segments or steps? What problems occur in each "step"? How to fix this?

Drinkup (4 hour)

Unlimited beer by Nova Runda, sponsored by NSoft.

Saturday 7th October 2017

CSS Grid Changes Everything (About Web Layouts)
Keynote by Morten Rand-Hendriksen (45 minutes)

In this talk you’ll get an intro to CSS Grid and learn how it changes pretty much everything when it comes to layouts on the web.

A Geography of Design
Talk by Sonja in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

Talking to machines, with an accent.

Taming legacy (on a live project)
Talk by Vedran Krizek in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

Almost every project accumulates legacy code over time, this is a story of what we learned and how we’ve put it under control on one large,

The Mindful Geek
Talk by Christian Grobmeier, Premshree Pillai in Amphinicy track (45 minutes)

Two people from different cultural backgrounds speak about one thing: what does it mean to be “mindful” in today’s work environment?

The Holy Trinity of Monitoring: Logs, Metrics, and Traces
Talk by Philipp Krenn in Trikoder track (45 minutes)

"With microservices every outage is like a murder mystery" is a common complaint. But it doesn't have to be!

Adventurous experiences of a remote product designer
Talk by Ivana Milicic in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

A product designer's life is never dull. Learn the fascinating insights into working remotely - how to reach the highs and manage the lows

Ops I did it again
Talk by Tomislav Raseta in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

A week of an on-call ops engineer

Lunch (1 hour, 30 minutes)


Technical Career Path: From junior to senior thru chosen chapters of software literature
Talk by Ksenija Kordi Sokolic in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

How do we support new employee’s progress with “in house” literature guide and reading encouraged culture.

Cooking with large batches of object storage
Talk by Josip Domsic in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

Using NoSQL, Nginx, Python, Flask and brain power to deliver 2 petabytes of object storage.

Neuroscience and how to design brand driven UX.
Talk by Felix van de Sand in Amphinicy track (45 minutes)

The rules behind the perception of digital products and how to use them to translate brand values into UX/UI design.

Microservices in production: a case study
Talk by Marin Prcela in Trikoder track (45 minutes)

Microservices in the biggest Croatian online business: prerequisites, pros and cons, choices made and practical examples.

Unlocking the full potential of SVG
Talk by Magdalena Maglicic in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

Learn how to use SVG to its full potential, including filters and animations.

Automating drone with real-time video processing and NodeJS
Talk by Demir Selmanovic in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

Using real-time image processing techniques with NodeJS to automate drone piloting.

Building a poor man's React
Talk by Krešimir Antolić in Amphinicy track (25 minutes)

Ever wondered why React is so easy to use? What makes it tick? Let's build a react-like library to help us understand all the things!

Running webservices on resource-limited embedded platforms
Talk by Niksa Orlic in Trikoder track (25 minutes)

Thanks to IoT, the use of connected embedded platforms is exploding. How do you run webservices from slow CPU with few megs of RAM?