The large PHP community in South Florida has organized its fifth annual PHP developer conference in Miami, and you're invited! We will host some of the best speakers, latest technology, and up to date news in the industry. And did we mention it is in Miami, in February? #warm #sunny


Thursday 2nd February 2017

09:00 Create Your Own Local Development Environments With Vagrant
Workshop by Joe Ferguson in Key Biscayne 1 (3 hours)
Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS
Workshop by Beau D. Simensen in Grand Ballroom (3 hours)
Learn To Test Like A Grumpy Programmer
Workshop by Chris Hartjes in Key Biscayne 2 (3 hours)
PHP Extensions Tutorial
Workshop by Elizabeth Marie Smith in Keywest Ballroom (3 hours)
13:00 Build Security In
Workshop by Chris Cornutt in Key Biscayne 1 (3 hours)
From SQL to noSQL
Workshop by Derick Rethans in Key Biscayne 2 (3 hours)
Docker for PHP Developers
Workshop by Chris Tankersley in Grand Ballroom (3 hours)
Rated 5
Untangle your async spaghetti code
Workshop by Luis in Keywest Ballroom (3 hours)

Friday 3rd February 2017

Rated 5
Life Badges
Keynote by Cal Evans in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 5
Composing PHP Applications with Middleware
Talk by Josh Butts in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Going Password-Free
Talk by Eric Mann in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
Rated 4
Practical Performance Tips and Tricks to Make Your HTML/JavaScript Faster
Talk by Doris Chen in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Irritating Strings -- Iterating Things
Talk by Eric Poe in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 3
Irresistible APIs
Talk by Kirsten Hunter in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 3
Baby Steps -> Giant Leaps. (Xdebug for beginners)
Talk by Sean Prunka in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
AMP your website: An Introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages
Talk by Robert McFrazier in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Rated 3
Data Visualization with D3
Talk by Wenting Zhao in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 5
The New Revolution
Keynote by Samantha Quiñones in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
14:45 Debugging Effectively
Talk by Colin O'Dell in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Don't work for PHPCS, make PHPCS work for you
Talk by Juliette Reinders Folmer in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
Taming the Resource Tiger
Talk by Elizabeth Marie Smith in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Tales from the Crypt: Cryptography Primer
Talk by Adam Englander in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 5
DevOps For Small Teams
Talk by Joe Ferguson in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Kicking off with Zend Expressive and Doctrine ORM
Talk by James Titcumb in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
MySQL: Analysis, understanding, and optimization of queries
Talk by Michael Moussa in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Code Coverage for Security in Application Migrations
Talk by Dana Luther in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
17:15 Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin Life
Talk by Ed Finkler in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
A Common Taxonomy of Bugs and How to Squash Them
Talk by Kylie Stradley in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
Rated 5
Meet your BFF - Building Backends-for-Frontends
Talk by Luis in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Rated 5
Not-On-Calliday: On-Call Best Practices
Talk by Amanda Folson in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 5
Panel Discussion: "PHPantastic Security"
Social Event by Samantha Quiñones, Adam Culp, Chris Cornutt, Lisa Bock, Adam Englander, ? in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 0
Hack Event
Social Event by Dana Luther, Chris Cornutt, Adam Englander, Christiano Diniz da Silva in Keywest Ballroom (5 hours, 40 minutes)

Saturday 4th February 2017

09:00 A World Without PHP
Keynote by Ben Marks in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 5
Time Management For Grumpy Programmers
Talk by Chris Hartjes in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 5
HTTP/2 and Asynchronous APIs
Talk by Davey Shafik in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
Rated 4
Design for Developers
Talk by Kevin Bruce, Cathy Bruce in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Making the most out of MySQL
Talk by Gabriela D'Ávila in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
11:30 Pulling up Your Legacy App by its Bootstraps!
Talk by Emily Stamey in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 4
MySQL's JSON Data Type & Document Store
Talk by Dave Stokes in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
Building great admin panels with Symfony and SonataAdminBundle
Talk by Victoria Quirante in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Rated 5
Console Applications: Automate your life away
Talk by Matt Trask in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 5
Using Open Source for Fun and Profit
Keynote by Gary Hockin in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 5
Containing Chaos with Kubernetes
Talk by Terrence Ryan in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Websockets and Event-driven Programming with ReactPHP
Talk by Steve Meyers in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
Rated 4
Develop A Security Mindset
Talk by Lisa Bock in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Employing CQRS and Event Sourcing to Build an MVP
Talk by Beau D. Simensen in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
16:00 Securing Legacy Applications
Talk by Chris Cornutt in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Dockerize your unit tests for faster feedback
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
Locate all the things
Talk by Derick Rethans in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Rated 4
Control your application with your brain
Talk by Ibis Arrastia in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
17:15 From Docker to Production
Talk by Chris Tankersley in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)
Unit Testing by Example
Talk by Anna Filina in Key Biscayne 1 (1 hour)
Engineering - Mastering the art of Software
Talk by Cristiano Diniz da Silva in Key Biscayne 2 (1 hour)
Rated 5
Web Performance 2017: Myths and Truths
Talk by Christian Wenz in Keywest Ballroom (1 hour)
Rated 4
Accidental Professional
Keynote by Adam Culp in Grand Ballroom (1 hour)