The large PHP community in South Florida has organized its third annual PHP developer conference in Miami, and you're invited! We will host some of the best speakers, latest technology, and up to date news in the industry. And did we mention it is in Miami, in February? #warm #sunny


Your Inner Sysadmin
Workshop by Chris Tankersley
Jump-Start Your Application With AngularJS
Workshop by Chris Saylor
Elephants In The Clouds: Mastering PHP On Heroku
Workshop by David Zuelke
Building Web Service Clients With Guzzle
Workshop by Jeremy Lindblom
Workshop: Improving QA on PHP Development Projects
Workshop by Michelangelo van Dam
Developer Experience In The PHP World
Talk by Ryan Weaver
CMS Made Simple: Simple For You, Simple For Your Customers
Talk by Beth Tucker Long
The Twelve-Factor App: Best Practices For PHP On Platforms-As-A-Service
Talk by David Zuelke
Unit Testing PHP Applications
Talk by Michael Moussa
The Big "Why Equal Doesn't Equal" Quiz
Talk by Juliette Reinders Folmer
Secure Form Processing And Protection
Talk by Joe Ferguson
Giving Up Control: Inversion Of Control For Beginners
Talk by Matthew Weier O'Phinney
Queues And The Giant Beanstalkd
Talk by Daniel Cousineau
Symfony2 - The Very Basics
Talk by Margaret Staples
Composer The Right Way
Talk by Rafael Dohms
TDD: Team-Driven Development
Talk by Samantha QuiƱones
Debugging Zen
Talk by Ben Ramsey
Beyond Design Patterns
Talk by Anthony Ferrara
Your Code Are My Tests!
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam
Drupal 8: The Crash Course
Talk by Larry Garfield
REST API Best Practices
Talk by Mike Stowe
How To Cope When It All Hits the Fan
Keynote by Eryn O'Neil
Speak HTTP And Consume APIs With Guzzle
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom
Maximising Performance in ZF2
Talk by Gary Hockin
Vagrant Provisioning With Ansible
Talk by Erika Heidi
Wrangle Cross-Cutting Concerns With Event Driven Programming
Talk by Chris Saylor
Introduction To Continuous Integration With Jenkins
Talk by Eric Hogue
Dockerize All The Things!
Talk by Chris Tankersley