The Conference weekend at Manchester Conference Centre will kick off with a hackathon on Friday 4th October, where delegates can code as individuals, pairs or groups with a pizza and a drink. However make sure you secure your place to the hackathon when booking your conference ticket, as places are limited and on a first come first served basis.

Friday 4th October 2013

09:00 A hands-on introduction to writing unit tests using PHPUnit
Workshop by Harrie Verveer in Tutorial (3 hours, 30 minutes)
Rated 5
Automate all the things
Workshop by Marcus Deglos in Tutorial (3 hours, 30 minutes)
Rated 4
Build your first Symfony2 application
Workshop by Stefan Koopmanschap in Tutorial (3 hours, 30 minutes)
MySQL Query Optimisation
Workshop by Adrian Hardy in Tutorial (3 hours, 30 minutes)
13:00 Setting up a Continuous Delivery environment in 3 hours
Workshop by Mike van Riel in Tutorial (3 hours, 30 minutes)
Best practices for WordPress plugin development
Workshop by Juliette Reinders Folmer in Tutorial (3 hours, 30 minutes)
Rated 4
What Symfony Components Can Do For You
Workshop by Andreas Hucks in Tutorial (3 hours, 30 minutes)
Rated 5
Working with MongoDB
Workshop by Derick Rethans in Tutorial (3 hours, 30 minutes)
Rated 5
Hackathon / Social (4 hours, 30 minutes)

Saturday 5th October 2013

09:30 0x0F Ways to be a Better Developer
Keynote by Lorna Mitchell, Ivo Jansch in 1 (50 minutes)
Rated 5
Building scalable PHP applications using Google's App Engine
Talk by Maindy Waite, Ian Barber in 1 (50 minutes)
The future of the PHP development environment
Talk by Jeremy Quinton in 2 (50 minutes)
Easy HTTP Clients with Guzzle
Talk by Nathaniel McHugh in 3 (50 minutes)
Rated 5
How to make the most of a Developer Conference
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap in Unconference (20 minutes)
11:00 Errors, Exceptions and Logging
Talk by James Titcumb in Unconference (20 minutes)
11:30 Dysfunctional Programming
Talk by Igor in Unconference (45 minutes)
12:00 Introducing Dependency Injection
Talk by Rob Allen in 1 (50 minutes)
Wrangle Cross-cutting Concerns with Event Driven Programming
Talk by Chris Saylor in 2 (50 minutes)
Vagrant + Ansible
Talk by Michael Heap in 3 (50 minutes)
Rated 4
Talk by Ian Barber in Unconference (20 minutes)
Rated 5
Unconventional Unconference Unity Session
Talk by Kathryn Reeve in Unconference (20 minutes)
14:00 Your (coding) standards matter
Talk by Volker Dusch in 1 (50 minutes)
Rated 5
Drupal has come back to the fold. It's time to pay attention
Talk by Marcus Deglos in 2 (50 minutes)
The Big 'Why equal doesn't equal' Quiz
Talk by Juliette Reinders Folmer in 3 (50 minutes)
Tries, Conversions and Field Goals - A Rugby (League) Fan's Guide to Trie Data Structures
Talk by Mark Baker in Unconference (20 minutes)
Rated 4
The Importance of Teams
Talk by Jenny Wong in Unconference (20 minutes)
15:00 Managing and monitoring application performance
Talk by Sebastian Marek in 1 (50 minutes)
A resource orientated framework using the DI/AOP/REST Triangle
Talk by Richard McIntyre, Akihito Koriyama in 2 (50 minutes)
Bringing the Symfony Components into your Legacy Code
Talk by Hugo Hamon in 3 (50 minutes)
Migrating from PHP 5.3 to 5.5
Talk by Glen Mailer in Unconference (20 minutes)
15:30 Commands and Command Handlers
Talk by Mathias Verraes in Unconference (15 minutes)
Rated 0
Getting hired through the community
Talk by Volker Dusch in Unconference (5 minutes)
Rated 0
Impromptu Talk on how i got my new job
Talk by Martyn Ranyard in Unconference (5 minutes)
Rated 5
Getting the most out of Xdebug
Talk by Derick Rethans in 1 (50 minutes)
Models and Service Layers - Hemoglobin and Hobgoblins
Talk by Ross Tuck in 2 (50 minutes)
How Silex and Cilex became the glue for a media transcoding application
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap in 3 (50 minutes)
Productivity & the Pomodoro Technique
Talk by Erika Heidi in Unconference (20 minutes)
Rated 0
Bringing desktop graphics to PHP
Talk by Michael Maclean in Unconference (20 minutes)
Rated 5
Social / Evening Meal (5 hours, 15 minutes)

Sunday 6th October 2013

09:00 Vertical reusability through components
Talk by Volker Dusch in 1 (45 minutes)
Your user stories are bad and you should feel bad
Talk by John Cleary in 2 (45 minutes)
How the Internet Works
Talk by Jon Spriggs in 3 (45 minutes)
09:55 Don't be STUPID, Grasp SOLID
Talk by Anthony Ferrara in 1 (45 minutes)
Cyber Security
Talk by Clinton Ingrams in 2 (45 minutes)
Unbreakable Domain Models
Talk by Mathias Verraes in 3 (45 minutes)
11:10 Debugging HTTP
Talk by Lorna Mitchell in 1 (45 minutes)
Making PHP go fast
Talk by Dan Rathbone in 2 (45 minutes)
Best practices in Symfony2
Talk by Andreas Hucks in 3 (45 minutes)
12:05 Building Better Developers
Keynote by Rowan Merewood in 1 (45 minutes)