MidwestPHP (March 2 and 3rd, 2013 - St. Paul, MN, USA) is a two-day conference in the heart of Minnesota featuring 40+ sessions covering a wide range of topics ranging from PHP basics for newbies to advanced PHP concepts, frameworks, databases, third party tools and components, and web development.

Saturday 2nd March 2013

09:30 Learning how to learn
Keynote by Joel Clermont
10:30 PHP101
Talk by Mike Stowe
Getting Acquainted with MongoDB
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Get hooked on git hooks
Talk by Omni Adams
Database Optimization for Web Developers
Talk by Steve Meyers in Databases
Rated 0
PHP Arrays
Talk by Michael Pavlak
Rated 5
Rocking Responsive Web Development
Talk by Josh Broton
Beyond PHP : it's not (just) about the code !
Talk by Wim Godden (1 hour)
Rated 5
Introduction to OO PHP
Talk by Michael Pavlak
Enterprise PHP Architecture through Design Patterns and Modularization
Talk by Aaron Saray
Rated 3
MySQL Replication
Talk by David Stokes
14:30 The WordPress Hacker's Guide to the \Galaxy()
Talk by Jason Rhodes
JavaScript's Difficult Concepts Explained
Talk by Jeff Carouth
Symfony2 and MongoDB
Talk by Pablo Godel
Using Backbone.js in a PHP Environment
Talk by Ken Harris
15:30 Intro to Laravel
Talk by Ben Edmunds
Phing All The Things!
Talk by Omni Adams
Rated 4
Deep dive into Gearman
Talk by Eric Caron
Refactoring 101
Talk by Adam Culp (1 hour)

Sunday 3rd March 2013

09:30 Deploying PHP on PaaS: Why & How
Keynote by Jérôme Petazzoni
10:30 Migrating a Zend Framework application to ZF 2
Talk by Bart McLeod
Don't be STUPID, Grasp SOLID
Talk by Anthony Ferrara
HTML5 WebSockets
Talk by Scott Mattocks in Web Development
Git Your Code Under Control
Talk by Mike Stowe
12:30 Building an Identity Extraction Engine in PHP
Talk by Jonathan LeBlanc
Data Aggregation with MongoDB
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
Rated 5
Scaling PHP with HipHop
Talk by Sara Golemon
Symfony2 internals
Talk by Raul Fraile
13:30 Cryptography for the Average Developer
Talk by Anthony Ferrara
Drupal Development Tips
Talk by Chris Tankersley
Caching and Tuning fun for high scalability
Talk by Wim Godden (1 hour)
Rated 5
MySQL 5.6
Talk by David Stokes
Rated 0
Introduction to Zend Framework 2
Talk by Mike Stowe
Beautiful PHP CLI Scripts
Talk by Jesse Donat in Advanced PHP
Rated 5
Embrace Your Inner Designer
Talk by Josh Broton
Building Testable PHP Applications
Talk by Chris Hartjes
15:30 Lightning Talk
Keynote by Jeremy Mikola